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Facaccia Bread
My sister Sylvie loves this recipe cause it's tasty and easy!

This focaccia takes only 15 minutes of actual work but 3-4 hours of wait from start to finish.
Left over makes great caesar salad croutons. Plan ahead and you will not be dispointed!

1 TBSP granulated yeast
1 TBSP molasse
1 cup warm water (100-110F)

Main ingredients
2 1/2 cups White Flour
1 cup Wheat Four
1 1/2 tsp. Salt
1 1/4 cups warm water (100-110F)
3 TBSP Olive oil

Coarse Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper
Fresh Chopped Rosemary
Dried Oregano and/or Thym
Garlic, fresh or powder
Optional Parmesan cheese

Mix the starter ingredients and let the yeast bloom or proof for 10 minutes.
In the electric mixer bowl, mix flours, salt, add oil, starter and the rest of the water.
Mix 12 minutes at medium speed with the hook and not the whipp, when you touch the dough, it will stick to your hands.
In a oiled bowl, let the dough rest for approximately 59 minutes or until it more then double in size.
Punch down, and let the dough rest again for approximately 40 minutes or until it more then double in size.
Kneed the dough for 2 minutes in flour and stretch it to cover your sheet pan.
Rub a little olive oil, cover with an other sheet pan the same size and keep in a warm area.

***Let rise to 20-30 minutes or at the minimum until it more then double in size.
Poke 4-8 wholes with your oiled finger, then drizzle olive oil and top with desired spices.
Bake at 425 degrees until well browned and cooked through.
About 19-22 minutes.

***This step will define the size of the bubble in your baked dough.
I have used this dough for pizza making with great result.

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