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Prawns with Smoked Tomato Vinaigrette

Great summer recipe on top of Prawns, Scallops, Halibut or Salmon, I have yet to find a fish that I did not like with this dressing.

Lots of Prawns, 250-350gr per person

1/2 cup sliced Smoked Tomato and/or a few drop of liquid Smoked to taste
5 Fresh Roma Tomato (organic is best)
Half a bunch of Fresh Italian Parsley
1/4 cup Red Wine Vinegar
1/2 cup Olive Oil
1 TBSP Dijon Mustard 2-3 Shallots, diced
2 Fresh Garlic cloves, diced
Pinch of Sugar
Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper to taste


Cooked the garlic and shallots at low heat, do not burn!
Crush the tomato and parsley in your robot coupe or blender.
Add cooked garlic, shallots, and everything else but salt and pepper and liquid smoked.
Blend to the consistency you want, and remove from the robot into a bowl.
Always taste first, and add liquid smoked to your liking, pepper then salt at the end.
(this simple recipe can or should be done the day before for extra flavors)

Saute your prawn at high heat, place in a big bowl when done.
Add some vinaigrette on top, stir and serve hot, warm or cold... great for brunch, lunch or dinner, main course or appetizer. I like to serve this vinaigrette with my favorite salads or a nice fluffy basmati rice

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